Robin Lombino

While I’d like to say I’ve been taking pictures since I was 2 years old, it just isn’t the truth. I spent most of my time growing up playing outside and getting picked last for games. Although I’ve long been intrigued by photography, I spent much of my life thinking I’d work in an office and be a wife and Mom.

It wasn’t until I finished a photoshoot with my daughter and her best friend that the magic of freezing time grabbed me and refused to let go.

The several years following were an intense self-taught crash course. I read a lot of books, learned from my daughter, and even more from mistakes. As time went on, I realized that while I loved nature photography, capturing people (and their horses!) is what really ignites me. I plan on continuing with this passion until my time here is done!

Rae Lombino

I've always had a love for all things artistic, but photography and film take that love and passion to a whole new level. I would probably say that my interest in "film making" started before I actually tried photography. I used to make silly videos with my friends and stuffed animals and dolls, but now I'd like to think that my videos are more outside the box.

That's what I love about photography and film, no two artists are the same. Some might have similar style but there's always something about what they do and what they create that will set them apart. And I'm all for being different! 

My love for capturing moments and memories is something that I feel I was meant to do. I no longer see things as just things, but everything I film or photograph has a personality and I try my best to bring that to life.